Black and White Linocuts

These are prints made from linoleum blocks, an inexpensive and easily cut matrix.  I am interested in both human faces and the infinite possibilities of mark-making.  In my black-and-white linocuts, I have been experimenting with the different kinds of texture one can achieve and also the human form as an abstraction.

This first set are the slightly larger ones:


In August of 2013, during a trip to Mexico, I fell in love with Mexican printmakers, and decided that I HAD to learn how to do it.  I had never done relief prints before, and really didn’t know how to handle the medium.  The following are a selection from my project to learn how to make linoprints.  The goal was to make 100 (though I think I only ended up in the 80’s). These are all 4 x 5 inches.


This part of the same project.  These are all 3 X 5 inches, and the bottom ones are some of the earliest.  They are much cruder than later ones, but I still like some of them a lot.




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