Exciting news: Portrait Revolution book


I joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in 2013, a wonderful online group of portrait artists from around the world, and have learned so much from seeing their work, and hearing what they had to say.  The inspiration goes in waves, as someone tries out something new, and then other people try out the same thing.  They have really helped me grow as an artist.  Thanks to Julia Kay, who started the whole thing, and has kept it going and growing, and all the participants.

Now there’s going to be a book about it, with work from 200 artists, and comments by even more about their processes and plans.  I’m happy to say that I am one of the featured artists (along with some of the other people that I admire enormously).  You can pre-order it on Amazon.  It will be out in April of 2017 in the US.



National Small Works Exhibition

I have a piece in this show in Washington DC:

18th Annual Washington Printmakers’
National Small Works Exhibition
August 5-30, 2015

Artists Reception and Announcement of Winners, Sunday, August 9, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


Selected prints by artists from across the nation, including hand-pulled prints, digital prints, and photographs.

The juror for this competitive exhibit is Greg Jecmen,Associate Curator of Old Master Prints and Print and Drawing, Study Room Supervisor, National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Here’s the link: http://washingtonprintmakers.com

“Facing Faces” at the Lawrence Unitarian Fellowship

In the Unitarian Fellowship newsletter:
“Facing Faces,” a New Show in Founders Hall, as of Sun., July 12.  Artist Theresa Martin creates drawings, prints, and collages. She also teaches high school English and plays the fiddle in a Scandinavian folk dance band.


Reception: 10:30 – 11:00 am, Sunday, July 26 (between the 9:30 program and the 11:00 service).

1263 N 1100 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66047

Here is their website: Lawrence Unitarian Fellowship

Steamroller Print Event

I’ve been making small prints.  These are not small.  I signed up for the Steamroller Print Class at the Lawrence Arts Center, which took me clear out of my comfort zone.  What an experience!  I took 8 weeks to plan and carve a 3 X 6 foot MDF block (other people did 3 X 8 feet), and then there was the event–a whole day of printing with the steamroller on the day of the Art Togeau parade and during the Buskerfest.  It was a group effort–and we actually could have used a few more people. Bystanders were drafted. Here are a few pictures of the process with my block (we rotated blocks, about ten in all).


Inking the block


Laying the block on the carpet


Laying the muslin on the block (It really does take six clean-hands people.)


Lifting the plastic and carpet padding off after the steamroller has driven over it.


Burnishing the few places where the plastic wrinkled under the great pressure of the steamroller.

Lifting the print!

Lifting the print!

The first print!

The first print!


Bystanders (and parade participants)


Admiring the work!


Prints handing to dry in the lobby of the Arts Center.